Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Friendship Quilt

I have pulled out my friendship quilt again. I have started it back in 2003 and I have collected a lot of beautiful stitched squares from my stitching friends around the world.
I have choosen maybe a time consuming way of the finishing, but so the quilt is always and never finished. I love this rememberance of stitching friendship and I really have to add a view more squares to the quilt soon.
Here you can see how the front and the back look like at the moment.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

50 roses

In December I had my 50 birthday and I have got a lot of flowers.
Also my DH spoiled me with 50 beautiful roses and I wasn't able to throw them away when they began to withering.
So I have put them in the basement and have tried to dry them and then I have totally forgotten of them.
Yesterday I was looking for something there and have found the faded roses.
Don't they look gorgeous, also when they are faded??!! Love the antique look and the muted colors. Now I have decorated them again in the living room and I'm very happy with them again.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

After a cosy winter and a lot of celebrations I always have to lose some weight! This year I have to lose about 6 kg so that I'll feel happy in my summer dresses. Let's see if I'll reach my goal.
Yesterday evening I started to prepare a low calorie dinner with seasonal vegetable, but when I was working in my kitchen I couldn't resist to do some decoration with the vegetable.
I think vegetable isn't only pleasing my figure it is pleasing my eyes also.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Happy spring!

Slowly it became spring here in my region and today I have spent the first hour with my stitching in the garden.
What a great feeling!!I always love to stitch but especially I love stitching in the nature!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Here we go - again!

Dear stitching friends,
I had a lot of problems to post on my old blog so I have decide to start a new one.

Hopefully a lot of my loyal readers and maybe some new ones will follow me to this place!

It should be a place where I'll post about my stitching - about my new designs coming - about needlework treasures - and primary a place to get in contact with other addicted stitchers!

For those which don't know me yet a short introduction: I always have loved historical embroidery and have started to collect them several years ago. In 2008 I started designing in the spirit of the Austrian historical needlwork here in my region under the name Romy in Austria - Traditon with a Future

So far I have published five samplers and there will be realized more in the near future!

But stitching and designing would only be half the fun without the contact to other stitchers - so please I love comments!!