Thursday, 15 April 2010

After a cosy winter and a lot of celebrations I always have to lose some weight! This year I have to lose about 6 kg so that I'll feel happy in my summer dresses. Let's see if I'll reach my goal.
Yesterday evening I started to prepare a low calorie dinner with seasonal vegetable, but when I was working in my kitchen I couldn't resist to do some decoration with the vegetable.
I think vegetable isn't only pleasing my figure it is pleasing my eyes also.


  1. it wil be good for to eat and for to see!!
    ciao monica

  2. Romy, great to have you back in 'blogland'.

    Good luck with the 'healthy eating plan'!

  3. Hola querida,

    Yo siempre digo que comemos con los ojos!!!!!...cuánto más bonita a decoración de la comida, más ganas de comerla.....

    Esta bonita tu decoración....hummmmmmm...que pena da de comer...e tan bonita que esta.


  4. How pretty! Food should look as good as it tastes. And this looks yummy.

  5. Joli blog, je vous invite a visiter mon nouveau blog avec mes broderies des dernières annés, merci et j'éspère qu'il vous plairat. À bientôt.

  6. Hello Romy,

    Congratulations for your new blog!
    The decoration is very orginal LOL!
    Have a good weekend!

  7. Tes photos sont délicieuses !
    Je t'embrasse Romy et te souhaite une belle semaine

  8. Hi Romy! Just found your blog. I agree that vegetables are pleasing to the eye. I think a vegetable garden is as beautiful as a flower garden. We also love seeing lots of vegetables on our dinner plates.

    It is nice to hear that others also love to sit in the garden to stitch or quilt. We have a cottage in the woods where I love to sit for hours with me needlework enjoying the fresh airs and birds as I work.

    Hugs from Holland ~