Saturday, 29 January 2011

this and that

and take time.........

As promised I will let you know about my work at least once a month!

I'm working on a new tradtional sampler since last year. It's a big sampler so the model stitching will take some time. I really love to work on this sampler because my daughters have told me that they love this design and the colors I have used in it. Usually they don't take care very much about my stitching, so that's something special and this sampler surely will be published in 2011.

But anyway I wanted to finish something different, so I have finished the drawíng on a new small sampler and will work on the model stitching the next days. Hopefully it will be finished soon and hopefully you will like it. - The working titel is "Take Time" and I love working on it!

Here's a litte preview....


  1. you get down your yellow balloon finally..curious to see this new beautiful sampler...stay tune

  2. Das sieht schon sehr vielversprechend aus und die farben sind wunderschön!
    Bin schon gespannt auf dein fertiges Werk ;o)

    Liebe Grüße, Marion

  3. Hi, Thanks for stopping by at my blog :) I just replied back to you, but not sure if I have the correct email address. I used "" Is that a good one? Happy stitching!