Monday, 27 February 2012


I'm close to the finishing of my new sampler. It's again a traditional sampler with traditional motives of my region but I have choosen black and muted pink silks - like my motto "Tradition with Future". Not sure how to write in English, but maybe something like
" create new things with the preservation of the good, old traditon"
hopefully I can show the finished model soon!

So it's time to start new things, here you can see what I always love viewing before I start creating a new design. I pull out old stitchings and sometimes a special color is catching my eyes, somtimes a special stitch or a border and I start drawing and stitching never sure how the finished piece will look like. Sometimes I'm wondering if our stitching what we are creating now will be pulled out from next generations also?? And will become inspriations for them?? We never will know, but isn't it a wonderful thought?


  1. I can hardly wait to see!

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  4. Bonjour
    C'est magnifique, bravo.
    bonne journée

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  6. Hello Romy, glad I found your blog. I like the sampler (first picture) that you posted. Do you have the chart to sell. I would love to buy it.